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1. He came from an family, so he knew all those sufferings and despair of living in poverty. OK WRONG

2. The service is really good, but I still think it does not cost that much. This company tends to OK WRONG

3. She was so shocked by the amount of kids who were clearly and sick, even though she had known that the country was really poor. OK WRONG

4. To say that I will miss my best friend when she moves abroad is a tremendous OK WRONG

5. His new novel is a complete failure. Frankly speaking, I think he is really as a writer. OK WRONG

6. I like my steak to be well-done and I had mentioned that, but the waiter brought this one which made me very upset. OK WRONG

7. Don’t my skills —I do not think I can cope with this task. OK WRONG

8. The director starts to think that it was not a good idea to listen to the new employee’s advice. The company has spent so much money on that equipment which is at the moment. OK WRONG

9. 9. The office is , so the administration decided to fire some workers. OK WRONG

10. We should not the importance of a good education. OK WRONG