Prepositions of place IN, ON, AT

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1. Her son studies school. OK WRONG

2. Write your address the top of the envelope. OK WRONG

3. Kids were very surprised to see their pet the roof. OK WRONG

4. My city is located the south of the country. OK WRONG

5. Put it the table, please. OK WRONG

6. I will wait for you the bus stop. OK WRONG

7. He decided to stay home during his summer holidays. OK WRONG

8. What is your bag? – she asked. OK WRONG

9. I know a very good restaurant the end of the street. OK WRONG

10. Students were sitting their desks. OK WRONG

11. My brother lives Paris. OK WRONG

12. This man lived an island for 2 years. OK WRONG

13. He did not want to put anything the wall. OK WRONG

14. They do not speak Spanish France. OK WRONG

15. I am happy work. OK WRONG