Prepositions of time IN, ON, AT

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1. We decided to meet again the afternoon. OK WRONG

2. My class starts nine. OK WRONG

3. It is so difficult to get up early the morning. OK WRONG

4. The baby usually sleeps well night. OK WRONG

5. She will call you back noon. OK WRONG

6. The party will start seven thirty OK WRONG

7. We usually have our staff meeting Tuesday. OK WRONG

8. His son will graduate from college May. OK WRONG

9. My sister was born 1996. OK WRONG

10. He met his future wife December 5th. OK WRONG

11. The work was completed two weeks. OK WRONG

12. Kids gave her some wonderful hand-made presents Mother’s Day. OK WRONG

13. I’ll be back a minute. OK WRONG

14. The documents will be ready a few minutes. OK WRONG

15. the moment, she is working on her new project. OK WRONG

16. My new contract starts 23 April. OK WRONG

17. We usually go abroad summer. OK WRONG

18. I’m going to have a party my birthday. OK WRONG